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Chov špičkových shagya arabů nedaleko Plzně

Shamar Beni

Shamar is a 2 year-old colt. His height is above-average at his age. Physically there is nothing to criticize except his head, it will have to mature in time, and he will become a beauty from the ugly duckling. When he comes on action, he is able to show such a trot movement that I have a feeling that he doesn´t touch the ground. His straight limbs and symetrical hooves are absolutely his biggest advantage. Circumference of cannon bone will be really nice in Shama’s maturity. Shamar is good natured, friendly, and intelligent. Sometimes he can play being dumb but he is still a foal.I needn’t be in a hurry with working him.He knows the basic training on a longe line.

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He loves playing with his half brother Torlus and sometimes he really tries his patience. When there is no mood for playing, he runs at least several times around.

He is a small lovely creature requiring caress.


2010 Písek

Winner of class Two Year Old Stalliens

Breeder: Dr. Jana PaškováOwner: Eva Blažejová
Line: Shagya db 1830Family: 131 Moldauerin r. 1783 Bukowina
Date of Birth: 27, 2008Dimensions: 163 / 154 / 180/ 19,8 cm ( 2 years old ) )
Father: Shagya V.-CZ Salim Mather: Shakira - CZ-ShA 211
Pedigree: Shamar