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Chov špičkových shagya arabů nedaleko Plzně


  1. Salim

    …V. – CZ/SALIM 5x Champion of Breeding Stallions and 3x Champion of National Show in the Czech Republic Salim is licensed for studbook of Shagya Arabian, Czech Warmblood and Arabian Horse … [1.2.2011 14:39]
  2. Exhibitions

    …is the most successful Shagya-Arabian stallion in the Czech republic. It is a pity that I did not presented Salim in his best years on international shows. Achievements in National shows: … [14.2.2011 11:04]
  3. Shakira

    …very communicative and kind. She is dominant in the herd but she isn’t conclictful. She is much dependent on Salim . In this „marriage“ it is always her who is on the top. … [9.2.2011 09:32]
  4. Shamar Shadí

    …1783 Bukowina Datum narození: 15.09.2011Míry: KVP / KVH / OH / OHol ( ve 2 letech ) Otec: Shagya V.-CZ Salim Matka: Shakira - CZ-ShA 211 Původ: Shamar původ Výstavy Úspěchy… [8.2.2015 13:11]