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Chov špičkových shagya arabů nedaleko Plzně

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Welcome to our website dedicated to the private breeding of Shagya - Arabian Horses.It is not our intention to be professional or educational. First of all I shall thank our horses because they merit reward. Majority of our photos here have been made by great photographers Tereza Huclová and Věra Marková – thank you. Links to our photographers´ websites, professional and related sites can be found on our website links.

Our horses

There are curently 3 horses shagya- Arabian ( Salim, Shakira, Safija) in my ownership. Two excellent young stallions, Salim´s son Torlus and stallion Shamar Beni from my stud are also presented here, they both belong to my friend Eva Blažejová.

About the Kennel Basset hound " GRAND GRADES" :


01/3/2012 :>

Shamar Shadí - FOR SALE! New photos are in Gallery.

20/2/2012 :

Soraya ( Sarid ox / Safíja) was born.

>photos Soraya

15/9/2011 :

Shamar Shadí ( Salim / Shakira) was born! He is a beautiful boy.

  • Shadí- birth .
    photos Shamar Shadí

    13/8/2011 :

    National Show Shagya Arab Horses Pardubice - our results:

    Safíja- Winner of 4 years old mares, juniorchampion ; 8,7 points ( typ and body 10 ); 17 mares in competition

    Torlus- Winner of 4-5 years old stallions, juniorchampion , 8,3 points, 11 stallions in competition

    Shamar Beni- Winner of 3 Year Old Stallions


    Safíja is pregnant. Foal's father will be the original arabian stallion Sarid ox . He is registered in the Shagya Arab studbook as SAKLAVI III-CZ, his breeder: Arco-Zinneberg , Moos, Germany. Foal will be born in March 2012.


    Shakira is pregnant again. Salim will be the father, of course. Foal will be born in September and will be as perfect as his older sister and brothers, certainly.This foal will be for sale, but only to breed


    The great success of Shakira- you can see the video: Shakira- Stadl Paura 2010, European Championship :

    28/8/2010 :

    Changing the designation of the family 592 GRATIOSA, which includes our mares.The family has two new generations! Now is the name: 131 Moldauerin born 1873 in Bukovina

    1/8/2010 :

    National Show Shagya Arab Horses - our results:

    Shakira- Winner 8-11 years old mares, National champion ; Best in Show; 9,00 points ( typ and head 10 ); 75 horses in competition

    Torlus- juniorchampion (24 stallions in competition )

    Shamar Beni- Winner of Two Year Old Stallions ( 6 in competition)


    Torlus has fulfilled the breeding pre-selection


    Stadl Paura, Austria: Shakira conquered the Europe! No more she can not win. She became title European champion and Best in Show, 84 horses in competition!