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Chov špičkových shagya arabů nedaleko Plzně

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More important than the stallion's show and sporting achievements are achievements of the stallion's offspring. Most of Salim's children are still much too young to sport, but at national shows they have very good results already .

  • Gallery Salim's offspring There are the greatest achievements:

    Category Winners

    Kanterwill (Kassandra)- The winner 2-years-old stallions, Kladruby n. Labem 2004
    - The winner 4-5-years-old stallions, Litoměřice 2007
    Karrey (Kassandra)- The winner 2-years-old mares, Slatiňany 2005
    Lara del Borgo (Ganet)- The winner 2-years-old mares, Litoměřice 2007
    - The winner 4-years-old mares, Tlumačov 2009
    Tobien (Tráva)- The winner 3-years-old stallions, Strakonice 2008
    - The winner 4-5-years-old stallions, Tlumačov 2009
    - The winner 4-5-years-old stallions, Písek 2010
    Torlus (Tesla)- The winner 2-years-old stallions, Strakonice 2008
    -The winner 3-years-old stallions , Tlumačov 2009
    Safíja (Shakira)- The winner 2-years-old mares, Tlumačov 2009
    Shamar Beni (Shakira)- The winner 2-years-old stallions, Písek 2010

    Championship winners

    Kanterwill 2 years old: reserve juniorchampion , Kladruby n. Labem (the competition of 11 stallions)
    Lara del Borgo 2 years old: juniorchampion, Litoměřice (the competition of 8 mares)
    4 years old: reserve juniorchampion Tlumačov (the competition of 16 mares)
    (winning her half-sister Safíja)
    Tobien 3 years old: juniorchampion, Strakonice (the competition of 15 stallions)
    4 years old: juniorchampion, Tlumačov (the competition of 11 stallions)
    5 years old : reserve juniorchampion, Písek (the competition of 17 stallions)
    (winning his half-brother Torlus)
    Torlus 2 years old: reserve juniorchampion, Strakonice (the competition of 15 stallions)
    (winning his half- brother Tobien)
    4 years old: juniorchampion Písek (the competition of 17 stallions)
    Safíja 2 years old: juniorchampion, Tlumačov (the competition of 16 mares)

    Registered Shagya-arab-foals from father 781 Shagya V.- CZ / SALIM

    (warm-blooded and Arabian foals there does not register )

    NameMotherDate of BirthSexNote
    Queen of ShebaTosua Gepard1998mareexport Slovak Rep. , Shagya V-1 SK
    Kassay S5/1Kassandra2001mare CZ-ShA 189; 7,3 points
    Kanterwill S5/2 Kassandra2002stallionreserve juniorchampion
    Endurance "Z"
    Karrey S5/3Kassandra2004mareCZ-ShA 291; 7,5 points
    Endurance "S"
    Grand Tobrok S5/4Bady2005stallion
    Hak S5/5Hortenzie2005stallion
    Lara del Borgo S5/6Ganet2005mareCZ-ShA 300, 7,6 points
    juniorchampion and reserve juniorchampion
    Kibar S5/7Kismet2005stallion
    Jussifa S5/8Julka2005mareexport Germany
    Tobien S5/9Tráva2005stallion2x juniorchampion, 1x reserve juniorchampion,
    Certificate for breeding
    Dressage "Z" ; Endurance "Z"
    Kasira S5/10Kassandra2006mare
    Torlus S5/11 Tesla2006stallionjuniorchampion and reserve juniorchampion
    Certificate for breeding
    Safíja S5/12 Shakira2007marejuniorchampion
    Al Tahir b.Salim S5/13Tesla2007stallion
    Shamar Beni S5/14 Shakira2008stallion
    Kasini S5/15Kassandra2008stallion
    Al Jazíra S5/16Julka2008mare
    Kasima S5/17Kassandra2009mareexport Slovak rep.
    Shamar Safi S5/18Shakira2009stallion
    Taishar S5/19Tráva2009stallion
    Jamal of Kadov S5/20Julka2009stallion
    Vihar S5/21Vločka2009stallion
    Viktorka S5/22Violka Vonná2009mare
    Tharis S5/23Tesla2009stallion
    Korina S5/24Kassandra2010mareexport Switzerland
    Taiga S5/25Tráva2010mare
    Sabastian S5/26Selina2010stallion
    Kessie S5/27Kassandra2011mare
    Tiara S5/28Thora2011mare
    Shamar Shadí S5/29Shakira2011stallion