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MVD. Jana Pašková

The owner of Salim, Safija and Shakira

I became a horse owner on the day when I came to Holice near Pardubice for a two-year-old horse Salim. I knew almost nothing about Shagya Arabins at that time but I had an idea: I want a stallion (I prefer them) which will spend all his life in my stable (because I was sure I would never give him away) This horse must be long-living, persistent, and resistant.I always prefer to ride temperament horses and I fall in love with thorough-bred and gentler horses with pedigree (A1/1, Trakehner,.....). If there should be a breeding of Anglo-Arabians in the Czech Republic, I would probably choose these horses. I have always dreamt about horse breeding. I was searching for Anglo-Arabians but I didn’t find anyone, so I bought a Shagya Arabian Horse. I have never regretted my decision.


When Salim was two years old nobody could know that he will be such a successful stallion (maybe if the breeder Mr. Provaznik could guess it, he would never sell him). The pedigree was excelent, he was quite correct but he had a little bit bigger head in comparison with body and his height was 145 cm. Will he grow up? My intuition advised me – buy him. So he is mine for 13 years. He had grown up and he always makes me very happy. However he was persecuted with bad luck in a form of injuries (most commonly caused by another horse). He was kicked very hard by another horse into a knee (carpal joint) in summer 2009 and I haven´t ridden Salim from this accident.

Salim’s mobility doesn’s show any signs of pathological limp now but the joint is not completly stable and I do not want to risk his health. I know that he misses our common rides. Maybe in the future....


When Salim was 9 years old he spent one breeding season in the stud-farm Tlumacov. I was missing him a lot and I kept thinking what to do. I began to think about buying a mare. I will buy her to Salim for Salim’s birthday. Isn’t it a wonderful idea? At that time I knew almost everything about Shagya Arabians and I continued to study them. I wanted to have a mare as good as my stallion. I went to Topolcianky and I was lucky. I had to make an impression talk when I was speaking about origin of mares offered for sale. Then I saw her. They brought out so nice mare. She wasn´t originally for sale and even if she was, I shouldn’t be the acceptor. They left the mare running free and my pulse immediately increased up to 200 beats per minute. I really wanted her but where shall I get so much money? They repeated me again: she is not for sale but sometimes we have to sale a good horse for a common price, it is an advertisment and promotion for us . I borrowed money, I bought 3 year old Shagya XXV-15, as she was called at that time, and I imported her into the Czech Republic. The fortune has changed luckily for me fot the second time.


Now I have 3 year old Safija, the daughter of Salim and Shakira. She is amazing, she has an outstanding character, and I am really happy she has been staying by me.


Beside horses I have a Kennel of Basset Hounds named Grand Grades. I have had only three litters with my two female dogs. I don´t do it for money. I love them. I bought calm and eared dog to my nobly and temperament horses. My life is in balance :-))

I am also a member of chairmanship of The Shagya Arabian Association in the Czech Republic and I referee all classical equestrian disciplines for ČJF.

Eva Blažejová

The owner of Torlus and Shamar Beni

I began to follow the horses when I was 12 years old. I always had to commute between the stable and the town where I lived. Most of the time I spent with Shagya Arabians, I was charmed with them, they belonged to my heart. They have good size, beautiful body, and wonderful behaviour. Many people find the Arabians charming and do not want another breed. However, it is not a horse for everyone. They require a gentle handling and they will show their best in the changeless ownership.

I started with a classical English riding but during the time I began to feel that the English drill is nothing for me. I found something different – a mystic connection between a horse and a human. I was waiting for my own horse to be able to realize my plan. Now I prefer working in liberty, it is a basis for all communication. My philosophy is vaquero horsemanship but without a stock. I love working with bosal and my horses like it, too.

My first horse – Torlus

I found Torlus thanks to my good friend sending me an advertisement of the 11 month Shagya Arabian horse by email. I liked him and the price was good but I wasn´t sure if I am able to pay rent in the stable because I was studying at the University in that time. Finally, everything was going well and I decided to look at the foal, I knew if he is healthy, he will be mine. It was an amazing feeling. I knew that I had chosen well. The horse was in a stable near Pilsen. After a year and half I bought our dream house with my friend – gamekeeper´s lodge near the forest. It was clear to me that the horse couldn´t be alone here and he will need an equal partner. I thought why could’t I have two stallions? My first thought was considering a foal of my friend Jana Pašková.

Shamar Beni

It was Shamar Beni and I regarded him as a great rival. My decision was clear.Transport of Torlus and Shamar home in one day. It was a surprise for Torlus because it was for the first time he met another stallion. They became best friends in a few days and I hope it will lasts forever. I took these two stallions home one year and a few months ago. They live in a sand paddock with penthouse ,it was a Christmas present,so they spend their time here or beside in the pasture throughout the year. They have an unlimited access to hey and fresh watter there. They get corn and other goodies twice a day. They get it more than twice a day before an exhibition. They look nice when they are together. They have the same father (Salimek) but each one is completly different in conformation and character, that is amazing.

I also have a Rottwailer female. Now she is one year old. I would like to have at least one litter of puppies and enjoy them.Rottwailers are dogs for one master and good guardians but they love visitors. When she meets my horses, she runs immediately to them and lick them a nose. Most of the time she spends in a paddock playing with horses. I watch everything from a distance of course. I had one female with pedigree before but she died because of a heart defect. She was an absolutly amazing friend. It is a great pity.

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