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Chov špičkových shagya arabů nedaleko Plzně


Mare Shakira CZ-ShA 211


Brood-mare,General Stud Book of Shagya Arabians with exterior 8.4

2x Champion of Young Mares, 2x Champion of Brood- Mares, 2x Champion of National Show in the Czech republic

European Champion of Brood- Mares and European Champion – Best in Show

Shakira (Kira, Kirunka) is a lady – elegant, unmistakable, proud, and nevertheless gentle. She has a great movement, excelent type and exterior, and she is an exemplary mother. She meets requirements of modern Shagya Arabian type with sufficient height and robustness. She is very calm and easy-going. She was born with a sence of balance as well as with a willingness to work, honesty, and gentleness. It is a pleasure to ride her in a halter. She is very communicative and kind. She is dominant in the herd but she isn’t conclictful.

She is much dependent on Salim. In this „marriage“ it is always her who is on the top. Salim respects her and he is hen-pecked. Shakira has formed a small functional family with Salim. She allows Salim to take part in education of their foals. Up to this day I still wonder that Kirikunka,how is she called,was sold to me because she is unique and I am very lucky that I got her from Topolcianky. I reached a huge triumph at the European Championship with her and I hope that I will repeat this feeling with her and Salim´s offspring.

Shakira CZ-ShA 211 (Shagya XXV-15 Topolcianky)¨

Breeder: NZ Topolčianky, SKOwner: MVDr. Jana Pašková
Line: Shagya db 1830Family: 131 Moldauerin r. 1783 Bukowina
Date of Birth: March 28, 2001Dimensions: 170 /159 /190 / 20,0
Father: Shagya XXV Top.Mother: Koheilan IV-52 Top.
Pedigree: Shakira výpis z PK